Your conference is critically important to you. The measure of your success is the engagement, the energy and even more importantly today, the take-away actions your leadership conference speakers convey.


Participants want to learn from their leadership speakers, but everyone is beyond a presentation that is purely ‘entertainment’ when budgets are tight and time is tighter. You need it deliverable.


Let’s not, however, throw out the baby with the bath water. At the same time you want them to be engaged, energised and motivated to take away the learning and act on them.


Dr Louise Mahler is a leadership speaker whose informative, practical and actionable keynote, as well as the way she engages with humour, makes her very much a motivational leadership speaker amongst the best motivational leadership speakers in her area in Australia, if not globally.


Dr Mahler understands that your leadership keynote speaker has to stand out and leave the audience talking about your conference for months to come.


When Gillian Folan from Schneider Electrics says “I have not stopped raving about your presentation from November” she joined a long list of delighted conference attendees who book Dr Mahler on a grueling schedule fueled by success.


Michael Parker MD writes: “I thought your presentation was one of the funniest, entertaining and, on an interpersonal skills level, most practical I have seen in many years, possibly ever. Everyone loved it.”


Mr Parker discovered this because Dr Mahler is a leadership keynote speaker who has studied her area deeply, but also honed her skills with audiences nationally and internationally to deliver her work in a way that leaves the audience thinking, acting and laughing.


In answer to the question “do you have to be funny to speak” Dr Mahler tells me “Only if you want to be paid”.  But don’t be fooled. As well as being a motivational leadership speaker, Dr Mahler’s work is intensely practical and useful.


Her work is confrontational, but also compassionate. She is telling it ‘like it is’ for your benefit!


So, what are you waiting for?



Being VISIBLE is in your grasp.


The notion of in-visibility is a natural part of human behaviour, whether we accept it or not is our choice!


This session is all about vibrating your energy to break down the barriers, to be clever about how we engage with hard conversation and give of ourselves positively.


You will learn how to get out there, be seen, heard and felt in everything you do with gusto, assertion and a positive mindset.


Currency of Trust


We are fast entering the era where people demand authenticity and trust.


Technology is helping, but also hindering and there is no replacing interpersonal excellence.


Financial Services have been through hell and rebuilding trust and the confidence is critical for the road ahead.


Dr Mahler will share her ground breaking, highly interactive skills and practical skills for building credence and, at the same time work towards healing shattered identities in the industry.


You ARE the person we need and in this session you will learn to bring your very best to every engagement and handle emotional interactions with professionalism and kindness.


Takeaways include the process for handling emotion and the corresponding kinesics that go with a trust-engagement, the basis of a bright and rewarding future.

The Missing Ingredient

of Leadership


The future is steaming ahead on a track of continued digital innovation, but ‘mind the gap’.


Between the fast moving juggernaut of change is the ever present need to get your message across and there a widening chasm of need for interpersonal skills that inspire and engage. Leaders, salespeople, consultants, anyone handling high-stake engagement needs this NOW!


As a thought leader in the field of presence and influence, Dr Mahler investigates body language, vocal psychology and the patterns of conversation.  Her deep insight and extensive experiences bring life to palpable real-life examples and impersonations that will change the way you think, act and speak for the better.


In this highly interactive and always hilarious session, you will develop an understanding of your physical and vocal options as an integral part to motivating and inspiring others. You will have an opportunity to diagnose your own habitual patterns, build new skills and belly laugh along the way.


Her distinctive style is full of energy, humour and a positive regard for the changes possible in all of us. This powerhouse of observation drives palpable change for the individual, the group as a whole and has potential to change a nation. Let’s get started!


Women in Leadership


In an orchestra the violin and the double bass play very different roles. They are both the same shape, they are both string instruments, they are both played with a bow, but you would never mistake one for the other.


Similarly, in the orchestra of life, a man’s voice is lower and louder than that of a woman. However, it also defines the current-day perceived voice of leadership in western culture.  So, how do you, as a woman, compete?


A lack of authenticity is unthinkable. Bringing who you are to what you do is critical and anything less isn’t about being fully ‘you’. Vocal Intelligence is a different, unique and award-winning study that works from the inside out. It recognises that acquiring a presence of leadership is not solved by inauthentic skill acquisition and it does not pander to the common skill of mistaking aggression for power.


You CAN develop, expand, adjust and improve the way you present yourself to the world through the use of your voice as an expression of self.  Remarkably, when you do, not only will you increase your influence and effectiveness, but you will become more authentic in who you are and how you relate to others.


The violin and the double bass both play pivotal roles in an orchestra and the musicians who play them have to realise that they have different, but equally valid tools at their disposal. Learning to play the instrument is the key!


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