Digital Programs

Digital Programs

Dr. Louise Mahler's digital programs

Leadership Communication in Critical Times

There has never been a more important time to lead! Informative and powerful livestream webinars and virtual workshops

Mahler Method Introductory Method

The Mahler Method Introductory Membership is a unique members only immersive system consisting of a core 10 videos. Designed to be used in any workplace situation, my work will teach you valuable skills and bring subconscious patterns into a conscious level. My program brings lasting change and newfound confidence to your daily life.

Presence, Influence & Finding Your Voice Workshop

Discover how to be heard in hostile environments. Presence and Influence Intensive Program Complimentary Pass

The MAHLER METHOD Gold Membership

The Mahler Method Gold Membership is a complete program of presence and influence that involves an understanding of organisational psychology, the interpersonal skills of communication and the processes for handling high-stake engagements such as presentations, pitches and emotional situations.

Executive Mastermind Program

Master Presence and Influence for Executive Groups