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A place where the distractions of everyday business don’t bother you. Where you can unlearn the automatic responses that are a danger to your progress and replace them with new ones that are useful. This is all achieved at Dr Mahler’s hands-on, practical, interactive development retreats.


Everyone acquires habitual patterns of behavior through experience. Perhaps yours come from being too tall at school? From the slings and arrows of a hostile colleague? From the confidence thump of an investment blunder? 


At her retreats, Dr Mahler identifies the idiosyncrasies in how you present yourself – your thinking, body language and voice patterns and the patterns of engagement you use to influence – that are undermining your ability to thrive. 


Then she works with you to amend them, replacing old snags with new skills, new structures and, importantly, real understanding. 


If you are looking to be at the top of your game. If that requires you to present at conferences or in a boardroom, give difficult feedback, handle an emotional stakeholder engagement, conduct or be part of an interview, inspire staff or be a world-class leader. If you are looking for the bridge between senior and exceptional, this is it.


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The Confident Leader Melbourne

What if you could completely change your confidence in the way you communicate as an executive in just 2 days?


The Confident Leader 2-Day Executive Retreat: Discover How To Make Your Presence Felt In Your Leadership Journey


Includes running meetings, networking, board meetings, media and staff engagements.

Small group engagement over two days at The Blackman Hotel, Melbourne.


Superb food (2 x lunch as well as morning and afternoon teas)

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