Any executive off-site can be transformed by the incredible energy and transformational engagement Dr Mahler will bring.

Full of useful, practical advice and tips, these 2-3 hour sessions guarantee relevance, humour and are a talking point for the whole event.

Extended to a 2-day retreat, many teams find this extended version simply life-changing. These sessions give time for everyone to have practical experiences and learning and, as a result, there is an enormous element of team cohesion.

A follow-on program online with 15 mins interactive exercises will reinforce the work over the years to come, so that it will never be lost again.

Best Suited For

High level individuals requiring deep transformation.

Key Features

The executive mentoring program is underpinned by the key core practices of Vocal Intelligence, plus an online follow-up program.

Program Structure

Tailored to your needs.

Want more?

Click here for the executive mastermind program to receive an advanced ongoing 12 module platform for executives to master the new habits for leadership success.



You are a star that impacts positively on executive growth!
Loved it and I am renewed thanks for your great contribution to the success of the program!

Clarence Da Gama Pinto | Program Director - Leadership, Executive Education, Senior Fellow  - Leadership       | Melbourne Business School

Many said that your session was the best one in the whole international program. I think the way you made them laugh, the high level of interactivity you managed to keep and the effective key learnings you shared with them made it a great moment that they will remember. I am very happy that we could work together.

Camille Barthelemy | Talent & Culture | Transdev

I was truly amazed at how the depth of your observation and powerful presentation come together to make for an agenda that is engaging, insightful and inspiring.
The practicality of techniques you offer help us with both lasting memory and individual takeaways for our Leadership journeys going forward.

Vivek Madan | Senior Manager Strategic Planning and Analysis | Jetstar

One of the most challenging and enjoyable workshops you can do. One of the most practical ways of changing things and developing leadership. I really think it is excellent and as high a level of training you could ever do. Everyone had really positive feedback.

Stephen Ward | Manager Service Development & Quality | Justice Health

Definitely the best session of Washington DC journey and for sure among the top 3 internationally.

Neal Hemenover | CIO | Transdev

The session with Louise was such a great experience. Not only did it open my eyes to different leadership communication styles, and teach me some terrific new skills, it was fabulously entertaining! The whole group was mesmerised for over 3 hours. I highly recommend it.

Dr Catherine McDougall | Orthopaedic Surgeon

I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop last week, the team absolutely loved it and found it very valuable. They found the information and tips very useful. I had one GM say he wished he’d attended the workshop 10 years ago and that it was the best workshop he’s attended in his career.

Katie Strother | Asset Management | Jemena

The feedback for the whole 2 days was   really excellent.  The real time coaching you provided for the selected participants is going back to the US to be incorporated as a method for their EP programs.  
You injected a lot of fun and really practical tips for the team when presenting which will stick always.

Paul Braico | Vice President and Managing Director | Boston Scientific Australia

We organised a retreat with Louise for a group of very senior and seasoned nursing and midwifery managers. We wanted to learn new strategies to engage and influence.
What we didn’t know was that we would collectively have one of the best weekends of our professional lives – without exception every single participant came away reinvigorated, connected and most importantly with a range of new tactics and skills to get our voices heard. We cannot speak highly enough of what Louise has given us.

Susan Pearce | NSW Health


I got so much out of the Masterclass on Friday and really valued the opportunity to receive feedback from Louise in relation to what I can do better.
It was awesome!

David Sacks | Partner & Consulting | Pricewaterhouse Coopers Consulting Pty Ltd

The most useful training course I have attended in my corporate career. I did not lose attention the whole time.

Justine Marchett | Telstra

Thank you for the wonderful session.  The team absolutely loved it.  It hit the spot perfectly.  We’ve / I’ve got so much to learn from you. Thanks for a seriously uplifting session.

Lisa Griffin | Director Strategy and Customer Experience | AMP

Queensland Health

The session that you delivered was fantastic and I have enthused about the workshop ever since.

Ewan Kinnear | Director | Allied Health Queensland

In attending over 3-months-worth of Crotonville and other training sessions by GE, I have not seen a better trainer in action than Dr Mahler.

Claire Pierce | Arizona Account Leader | GE Transportation

Amazing, Inspiring, Outstanding, Refreshing...more please

Kimberley Marlay | Marketing Portfolio Manager | Enterprise Software, Middleware & Transformation Leader | IBM