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Presentation & Communication skills

Your Needs

The future is steaming ahead on a track of continued digital innovation, but ‘mind the gap’.

Between the fast-moving juggernaut of change and the platform of skills to cope is the ever-present ever-widening chasm of interpersonal skills to inspire and engage.

In times of change and emotion we need to take time to consider how we approach presentations professionally and effectively. There is not one person who can not benefit from the skills, processes and feedback from the expert. 

The objectives and agenda

Objectives of the session are to improve the awareness of interpersonal engagement and build presentations that captivate and inspire. You will work on understanding the audience, understanding yourself, facing anxiety, develop a full change plan around skills of engagement, and receive all the processes for every possible presentation scenario.

Your Outcomes

You will walk away with a profound understanding of the presentation process, a diagnosis of your personal skills, new skills and practical experience of excellence.

In addition, Dr Mahler will run you through the processes for handling difficult questions that is practical and effective in multiple scenarios.


These sessions are conducted in one, two or three day programs


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