Lead with Gravitas Women's Leadership Program

Grow the leadership presence and influence of your female leaders in the next 6 months

Support your female leaders to feel more confident in presentations, media, meetings and difficult situations.

Are you responsible for female Executives or Senior Leaders who find themselves thinking:

If any of these sound like Your Female Leaders, it’s time to elevate Their Leadership Presence, Confidence and Influence.

We’re in a Crisis of Leadership

In the last 3 years, C-Suite Leaders have been under more pressure than ever. With the constant changes in how people work, including working from home, keeping people engaged at work means building trust and connection with them. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, at any one time, 70% of people are disengaged at work. 

Combined with the overwhelm of information and misinformation, business leaders have the constant challenge of redirecting the narrative. For community leaders and politicians, trust has eroded since 2020. In fact, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, in some countries, CEO credibility and trust is at an all-time low, including Japan (18 per cent) and France (22 per cent), making the challenge for CEO leaders even more acute as they try to address today’s problems.

As a result, teams, organisations and communities are looking for leaders to lead the way. With around 75% of people having “glossophobia”, a fear of public speaking, one of the biggest challenges for those leaders is to have the confidence to do this publicly and communicate with excellence.

Confident Leader Retreat Yarra Valley Oct 2022
Lead with Gravitas

Level 1: Slave

In Roman society slaves were not seen or heard. They moved between the corridors between the walls of places like the Colosseum and did not walk into any of the rooms. They fed the fires and were deliberately hiding. They were not asked to speak and had no eye contact or gestures. If they were prompted to interact their engagement was muffled, complicated and indistinct.


In today’s world they would be complaining that, “I never get asked to present.” They miss out on opportunities and believe that their work should speaks for itself. After all, “Why should I get up and speak?”

Level 2: Plebian

Plebians needed few skills. The plebeian might have worked a fruit shop or provided goods. As a communicator they were part of a chorus. A chorus was a group of participants in the audience who provided ‘acclamations’. They responded to the speaker with claps, hums or short phrases. They had no individual voice. His gestures were more limited than the the Senator, his voice needed less volume and his eyes may have been out of control.


In today’s world plebeians are those in the audience. They would love to have the opportunity to speak but just haven’t learnt the skills.

Level 3: Equestrian

Equestrians were bankers, miners, exporters and people who built roads. They were very similar to aristocrats or nobles. They had control of the government and the majority of power in Rome. They could ride horses, because they needed them for transport, it meant that they had more height and therefore visibility and more status.


However as plebeians were often fighting them, they were often trying to influence downwards as well as to those who had greater authority. They struggled to get their message to feed up to the Senator and Emperor as they were being fought from below. They were middle management.


Level 4: Senator

The Senator had jurisdiction over religious, judicial, tax, war, peace, military, foreign policy. They controlled all areas, of public life. They made their message really clear, and listened to their audience. The Senators was today’s executives team.

They didn’t have ultimate power or the power that they would have liked. They were always having to battle with the patricians and it was a constant struggle and they sought political equality. They might have the title, but they didn’t have the presence and charisma of the Emperor.

Level 5: Emperor

Emperors had total authority. They gestured boldly with congruent and well understood gestures that became part of his set of patterns. He engaged with the audience and gave them direct eye contact. His presentation was structured and clear, moving the audience with pathos and showing immense knowledge.


The emperor’s voice carried and was strong. He knew how to reach his people and had total authority. He had strong self-belief and people listened. They felt mastery and as a result gained trust. They focused on keeping the right senators around them to continue to create influence and lead with conviction.

Body: Whilst most think the voice drives what we say, it’s actually our body that has the greatest influence, first and foremost. Our body is driven by our emotions which are driven by our thinking. Once the body is clear on its job, the rest becomes easier!

Voice: Our voice’s range, tone, pitch and volume can tell an audience so many things that can either enforce or deplete a message. Identifying the right voice for your communication can completely change the audience’s perspective of you and your message.

Structure: Whilst it might look like the best speakers wing it, they actually don’t. They have a process and plan that serves them no matter whether they have seconds, minutes, hours, days or years to prepare for their presentation. The more structured they have, the more confidence they exude.

The great news is that once these three are in place, every leader has the ability to have a greater presence, they are actually heard, and they garner greater attention.  The more these are in place, the more confidence a leader has.

This program is ideal for organisations who have female leaders who:

  • Are motivated and are prepared to invest in communication and looking for their edge
  • Female Leaders who are driving change and need to present, do media interviews, handle disgruntled shareholders or being nice to staff when not accustomed to doing it
  • Female Leaders who are looking to show greater empathy in how they communicate and create a deeper connection with their audience

This program is not ideal for your female leaders if they:

  • Are not open to change
  • Don’t want to do the practice
  • Are not prepared for feedback

Your leaders will walk away from Lead with Gravitas program with:

  • Skills, techniques and understanding of your body, voice and structure to create powerful influence as a leader
  • Confidence to answer questions, get the message across and think on their feet
  • Handle high-pressure media interviews, press conferences, town halls, shareholder meetings and difficult conversations
  • Crisis Management presentations where female leaders have to deliver under difficult circumstances and relentless pressure

Lead with Gravitas Women's Leadership Program

In this 6 month leadership program,  Dr Mahler offers theory and interaction-based around winning the hearts and minds of those around you with the following outcomes:

  • Development of a diagnosis:  Analysis of individual body, mind and voice patterns to instigate a program for ongoing long-term presence and influence improvement
  • Understanding of the psychology of performance and audience engagement
  • Unravelling the psychology of difficult situations
  • Building the skills of body and voice that underpin interpersonal engagement
  • Discovering processes for handling various leadership opportunities, including presentation, media, emotional face-to-face engagements
  • Obtaining ‘Practice’ feedback

This retreat provides an outstanding executive development opportunity tailored for an intimate group who wishes to experience transformational growth. Numbers are strictly limited to allow for individual attention.

Lead with Gravitas Women's Leadership Development Program Includes:

Managing Self & Others

  • Diagnose your habitual patterns of engagement
  • Take back control and build confidence
  • Build a process of mind, body and voice that will work for you in all face to face engagements

Improving presentation skills for high stake engagement 

  • Concentrate on what is within your control and range of influence
  • Learn a well-researched structure to allow for immediate success
  • Present any content with originality and creativity

Build your stories

  • Build a unique template for ongoing personal application
  • Enhancing your ability to handle emotional/difficult questions
  • Recognise your current response patterns
  • Learn new processes for effective engagement for difficulty and feedback
  • Analyse paralinguistics and nonverbal patterns that remove the flame from emotionally charged interactions

Media presentation & presence

  • Build a process of preparation under stress
  • Understand what fascinates audiences
  • Have a process for delivering powerful messages

Managing performance anxiety

  • Diagnose your level of anxiety
  • Take back control
  • Build a process of mind, body and voice that will work for you in all public appearances

This highly bespoke program has inclusions such as:

  • Small group engagement retreat style over 3 days in the beautiful Yarra Valley at RACV Healesville Country Club & Resort

  • Face to Face and Live Online workshops and masterclasses 

  • Group coaching and 1:1 coaching available

  • Online and Face to Face Diagnostic assessments

  • Workbook and materials supporting workshop sessions

  • A copy of Louise’s book ‘Resonate’

  • Pre program 1:1 discussion 

  • Bonus 12 months access to “The Mahler Method”, Louise’s entire curriculum of over 100 online resources and tools (valued at $5000)

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"You have to be one of the most incredible people I have ever met and I can’t believe I was lucky enough to spend 3 days with you! I will never ever forget you! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to tell you how wonderful I was in a few weeks!
Anjuna Singh
Executive Director, Department of Transport and Main Roads
"You are the true Wonder Woman, absolutely amazing! And you know that I loved every minute of the last few days. I have no doubt that you have changed the course of my career. THANK YOU!!"
Rachel Stock
Head of Operational Risk and Governance, Macquarie Group
"Louise Mahler's insights are a rich synthesis of the power that comes from how we communicate, which is often more influential than what we actually say. Her observations are simple yet profound - her wisdom not only pertains to the art, but also to the science of communication and how each and every one of us can adopt practical techniques to turbo-charge our impact."
Lisa Claes
Executive Director, Customer Delivery, ING Direct
"I have implemented lessons learned in the workshop into my every day mode of operations. I can say that this has assisted me in resolving the conflict situation to the level that when I used this the client who was full of anger responded with an apologuy and decided not to pursue the negative line of communication."
Barry Carolan
Delivery Manager, Customer Delivery Unit, Telstra
"I have used several techniques since returning from the retreat. I have received feedback that I am perceived as calm and in control, along with knowing the subject matter."
Di Bodman
A/g Assistant Secretary, Finance Transformation Branch, Corporate Services Division, Department of Finance
"You were brilliant, and we all walked away with valuable skills. But even more importantly, everyone to a person remarked how good it was to have a good belly laugh."
Kate Kogh
Chief Financial Officer, RMIT
"A career defining moment for me and the feedback has been amazing. Immediately after the presentation yesterday I was asked to do a speaking gig at a management forum. You've given me skills that reach beyond public speaking into my day to day world and it has just been so much fun!"
Deanne Leaver
Director, Assett Strategy Department of Health and Human Services
“Attending Louise Mahler’s Confident Leader retreat was transformational. Over three days, we took a deep dive into understanding how to best structure and deliver our content, and how to engage an audience through the effective use of gestures, breath and voice. Receiving direct feedback from one of the world’s best keynote presenters on every minor detail of my content and delivery is something you can’t get from books. I highly recommend this immersive experience to anyone serious about dramatically improving their presence and influence on the stage, in front of a media camera or in the boardroom.”
Ros Weadman
Director, Marcomms Australia

About Dr Louise Mahler

A rare breed as one of the world’s leading keynote speakers, Dr. Louise Mahler has been voted in the top experts in both Body Language and Communication globally. Highly qualified with multiple degrees and masters, Louise has a PhD in Business, focusing on Leadership Communication, and in 2023 was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor.

Obsessed with creating exceptional human connection, Louise helps leaders and teams to elevate their body language, voice and divulges the algorithms of engagement in highstakes engagement.

While her tools and techniques are useful, practical and highly relevant, she is best known on-stage and in the media for her in-themoment, deeply insightful analysis and hilarious impersonations of world leaders. Her skills in translating and articulating how leaders communicate creates a powerful world-class, incredibly engaging and interactive experience that delegates often say is “life-changing”.

Louise is a highly sought-after media figure and commentator. From analysing politicians during the federal election such as Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese to the royals such as Prince Harry and Meghan, her recent analysis of the Johnny Depp and Amber Herd trial attracted over 2 million views on YouTube, She is regularly interviewed on Sunrise, The Today Show, SBS, the ABC, and radio stations across Australia.

Louise also makes regular appearances on highly ranked prime-time TV with Hughesy We Have a Problem. Quoted in USA and British media, she is a weekly contributor to digital and print news throughout Australia. She recorded 36 videos for the Australian Financial Review and was chosen by IBM as a key creative source worldwide. She is the host of her own podcast POP: Perspectives on Performance featuring stories, tools and techniques of all performing arts and
their applicability to leadership.

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