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Being Human in a Virtual World: Online Consultancy

The time for intimacy and connection is here.


A conference-call is a chance to really engage at a new and deeper level and, the thing to know is, the rules have changed.


In this webinar, you will learn what works and what doesn’t in this new super-intimate environment. You will discover the secrets of the television host, you will find your radio voice and develop skills to engage full attention by building your inclusion-muscle.


Use the Romper Room technique, develop your inner Preacher and be clear in your direction. You will learn all this and more and all with a smile on your face, joy in your heart and a positive physical and vocal presence on-line.

The Voice of Leadership

In today’s uncertain world we need to manage our new vital tool – the voice.

With video-conferencing in full swing, your voice takes pride of place in communicating your message and, as we place added emphasis on the importance of voice, many realise their own inadequacy, feel helpless and are unaware of the susceptibility to even further damage through a second wound with long-lasting vocal and psychological repercussions. 


In this webinar you will remove the barriers to self-expression through awareness, tools and techniques.You will learn how sound is actually made and what stops it being available to you under stress. You will build skills to get that voice working and develop a flow of sound that imbues trust and caring, as well as know the methods for vocal engagement and authority.


As an ex-international opera singer and executive coach to global leaders, Dr Mahler will show you how to recognise the challenges, diagnose your own blockages and find simple ways to undo the patterns – fast under pressure.


Dr Mahler’s award winning PhD in Vocal Intelligence is the basis for this world-beating, practical and applicable work on finding your voice under stress.

Hard Chat

The world has changed. 


Emotions are raw and tempers frayed, but, at the same time, like the Little Britain comedy where the Scottish waiter attempts to describe the menu through the medium of ‘ dance’, we are struggling to handle ourselves through the medium of the virtual media. 


When it comes to difficulty, what words do you say and in what order? 


What words can’t you use and what is the vocal tone and eye contact requirement to help get your communication across with empathy? 


Within all that, where is the room for creativity and authenticity? Now is the time to really know what you are doing and, in this webinar, you will learn the answers to all these questions using Dr Mahler’s framework for Hard Chat, which PwC partners described as ‘gold’.


The Hard Chat framework recognises 5 different levels of emotion and 5 different algorithms for performance that work first time every time and leave you free to be creative and professional in the moment.

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