A Captivating Coronation

A Captivating CoronationClick the image to watch the video

A Captivating Coronation

A Captivating Coronation – Did you hear William’s speech at the Coronation Concert? Oh, thank the Lord: someone who follows the framework!

If you have not attended one of my sessions you may not have picked it up. So here are some the reflections.

He welcomed the crowd. He told us the duration: ‘Unlike Lionel Richie, it won’t be ‘all night long’. He had a creative link mentioning his grandmother. He had a message of ‘service’.

And he had three points to make: environment, Prince’s Trust, inclusiveness.


Omni trium perfectum

(everything is threes is perfect)

William did exactly what we learn and, although he no doubt had a prompter, because he had a framework, he was confident to speak freely.

Bravo William.

Now, I’ve had a busy week, so signing off with some bits and pieces for you to see.

Love Louise

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