The Sussex's Oprah Interview

Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview is one of the most talked about pieces of television history. Dr Louise Mahler provides her analysis and insight on the couple to identify the hidden messages in the body language in their interview. Are to be believed? Watch this interview to find out!

Amber Herd Cross-Examination

The question on everyone’s mind was ‘how believable is Amber Herd’? Watch this interview on Sunrise with Dr Louise Mahler that gained over 1 million views on Youtube where she analyses her body language and provides deep insight into whether she’s telling the truth… or not. 

The Voice of Leadership

Do you speak on the breath in or the breath out? Breath is the basis of voice and 66% of people don’t know the answer. Dr Louise Mahler says it’s time to achieve your voice of leadership to ‘inspire’; to breath life into others. As a leader it’s time to consider your pitch, breath and inflection. Your voice is a choice!

Virtual Leadership

The world changed when we suddenly went virtual. Projecting a professional impression online is crucial to building trust and influence. Watch this video where Dr Louise Mahler shows how finding balance between you and the camera can create a powerful presence every time.

The Duchenne Smile

Did you know we smile with both our eyes and mouth? A genuine smile is the Duchenne smile and engages the eyes and mouth. Watch this video where Dr Louise Mahler slices and dices the smile that creates authentic connection in your communication. Practice this one in the mirror!

Hand Gestures

When leaders present they often talk about uniting, combining or coming together. Watch this exceptional video from Dr Louise Mahler about the use of hands to reinforce the message with confidence and clarity. It can make all the difference with gaining buy-in and getting people on board!

Harry and Meghan Oprah Interview

After much excitement in the media about Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah, Dr Louise Mahler provides her powerful and deeply insightful expert analysis about the couple and what can we all learn about making our own genuine communication. Take a look….

Nod, Blink and Smile Like an Idiot

Presenting as a leader is one thing, but do you look disinterested, therefore losing influence and trust? Watch this video where Dr Louise Mahler shares her insights about at least looking like you’re listening! It can make all the difference in your next team meeting.

Meghan and Harry Analysis

How genuine are Harry and Meghan in their connection with each other? It’s one of the most common questions Louise is asked. Watch this interview where Dr Louise Mahler  provides her expert analysis on their body language. Are they faking it til they make it? Take a look and see what you think!

Australian Election Analysis 2022

As Australia goes to the polls in the 2022 election, Dr Louise Mahler breaks down some of the specific vocal and body language traits of our political leaders and analyses what helps them to inspire confidence in the voting public. Who do you trust most to lead the country?

Dave Hughes Show

Can you pick a liar? Dr Louise Mahler joins the legendary Dave Hughes on “We Have a Problem” to share her insights on some of Australia’s leading comedians and celebrities to decide how honest and trustworthy they are. She provides a surprisingly insightful observation about Australian cricketer, Merv Hughes. What do you think? 

Prince Harry Analysis

Prince Harry’s return to the royal family after the Sussex exodus to the United States was a must see event for keen body language observers. Dr Louise Mahler provides her expert opinion and eagle eye on Harry and the rest of the royals at Prince Philips’ funeral. 

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