Why Women Are NOT Heard In Corporate Culture

Prejudice against women in the workplace is unfortunately a factor we must face as we navigate our corporate careers. In this blog I will outline what you should be aware of that might be working against you as you climb the ladder, especially when presenting. It was said by Christine […]

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Words That Don’t Work In Presentations

Women have it hard enough as it is fighting the stereotypes of corporate leadership. Recent research published in the Harvard Business Review showed that: ‘leaders who use humour are able to increase their employees’ performance and job satisfaction. . . However, women may actually be harmed by using humour at work.’ What! As someone who […]

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Virtual Presence and Presenting

Your most influential communicator is still your body and voice It sure is and here’s why:Communication happens over two channels, verbal andnonverbal, resulting in two distinct conversations going on at thesame time. While verbal communication is obviously important, it’snot the only message being sent. Without the ability to read bodylanguage, […]

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