Confident Leader Communication Retreat

Are you a CEO, Executive or Senior Leader and find yourself thinking:

  • “I can’t think”: feeling under pressure when all eyes are on you can mean that you’re trying to talk and think at the same time.
  • “I’m waffling and can’t stop”: When presenting, your voice can seem to take on a mind of its own.
  • “I’ve lost my confidence”: Not being able to communicate and get your message through can be exhausting.
  • “I could lose my job”: If I can’t influence, I can’t get results. This ultimately means that my KPI’s aren’t met.
  • “Maybe I’m just not cut out for the position”: As much as I know I can do the technical aspects; perhaps I’ve bitten off more than I can chew and am just not able to do the job.

If Any Of These Sound Like You, It’s Time To Elevate Your Leadership Presence, Confidence And Influence.

Confident Leader Retreat Yarra Valley Oct 2022

We’re in a Crisis of Leadership

Confident Leader Communication Retreat – In the last 3 years, C-Suite Leaders have been under more pressure than ever. With the constant changes in how people work, including working from home, keeping people engaged at work means building trust and connection with them. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, at any one time, 70% of people are disengaged at work. 


Combined with the overwhelm of information and misinformation, business leaders have the constant challenge of redirecting the narrative.  Teams, organisations and communities are looking for leaders to lead the way. With around 75% of people having “glossophobia”, a fear of public speaking, one of the biggest challenges for those leaders is to have the confidence to do this publicly and communicate with excellence.

Have the presence for presentations, media, meetings and difficult situations.



Feel and be more confident, open and authentic, knowing the hidden secrets to your body and voice.

Confident Leader Retreat Yarra Valley Oct 2022

Body: Whilst most think the voice drives what we say, it’s actually our body that has the greatest influence, first and foremost. 

Voice: Our voice’s range, tone, pitch and volume can tell an audience so many things that can either enforce or deplete a message.

Structure: Whilst it might look like the best speakers wing it, they actually don’t. They have a process and plan that serves them no matter whether they have seconds, minutes, hours, days or years to prepare for their presentation.

The great news is that once these three are in place, every leader has the ability to have a greater presence, they are actually heard, and they garner greater attention.  The more these are in place, the more confidence a leader has.

This retreat provides an outstanding executive development opportunity tailored for an intimate group who wishes to experience transformational growth. Numbers are strictly limited to allow for individual attention.

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What Some Have Said….

Thank you to Barry Carolan, Delivery Manager of Telstra for this wonderful testimonial!

“I have used several techniques since returning from the retreat. I have received feedback that I am perceived as calm and in control, along with knowing the subject matter.”

Thank you to Do Bodman, A/g Assistant Secretary of the Department of Finance for this wonderful testimonial!

“You were brilliant, and we all walked away with valuable skills. But even more importantly, everyone to a person remarked how good it was to have a good belly laugh.”

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