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This book challenges the commonly given advice of “just be yourself” as inadequate for effective leadership. With a call to action, the book addresses the confusion and lack of tangible skills that leave many leaders searching for answers.

Drawing inspiration from the communication techniques of ancient Greeks and Romans, the author introduces the concept of Gravitas—a set of practical and immediately applicable delivery skills.

The book delves into the challenges faced by leaders, offering relatable scenarios, such as a crisis-stricken executive seeking guidance on speaking too fast or lacking gravitas. The author emphasizes that confidence and gravitas cannot be bought or psychoanalyzed for an immediate fix. Instead, the solutions lie in acquiring the right skills.

About the Author

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Dr Louise Mahler

A rare breed as one of the world’s leading keynote speakers, Dr. Louise Mahler has been voted in the top experts in both Body Language and Communication globally. Highly qualified with multiple degrees and masters, Louise has a PhD in Business, focusing on Leadership Communication, and in 2023 was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor.

Obsessed with creating exceptional human connection, Louise helps leaders and teams to elevate their body language, voice and divulges the algorithms of engagement in highstakes engagement.

While her tools and techniques are useful, practical and highly relevant, she is best known on-stage and in the media for her in-themoment, deeply insightful analysis and hilarious impersonations of world leaders. Her skills in translating and articulating how leaders communicate creates a powerful world-class, incredibly engaging and interactive experience that delegates often say is “life-changing”

Louise is a highly sought-after media figure and commentator. From analysing politicians during the federal election such as Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese to the royals such as Prince Harry and Meghan, her recent analysis of the Johnny Depp and Amber Herd trial attracted over 2 million views on YouTube, She is regularly interviewed on Sunrise, The Today Show, SBS, the ABC, and radio stations across Australia.

Louise also makes regular appearances on highly ranked prime-time TV with Hughesy We Have a Problem. Quoted in USA and British media, she is a weekly contributor to digital and print news throughout Australia. She recorded 36 videos for the Australian Financial Review and was chosen by IBM as a key creative source worldwide. She is the host of her own podcast POP: Perspectives on Performance featuring stories, tools and techniques of all performing arts and
their applicability to leadership.

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