Kate Middleton Body Language: Cancer Announcement Insights

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Cait Middleton Body Language Analysis

Sat 23rd March 2024

Princess Kate recently released a video telling us what we probably should have already known. At least if we were paying attention.

The big giveaways were that Charles was out working, when really he should have been having a rest. And it was so out of character for Kate to be perfect for twenty years and then disappear. It had to be serious.

Now that Kate has revealed her news, her video is devastating. Her words are perfect. But it’s Kate Middleton’s body language that gives it away.

Kate Middleton’s Body Language

With little makeup and the pants appearing to hang from what no doubt are very slim legs, it is not her external appearance that is so revealing, but her delivery.

The message is catastrophic. Sadness oozes from every pore and her expression is one step away from breaking into tears.

Her body is slumped one direction, but her head is tilted the other almost as though she is wriggling away from revealing this news, which must be incredibly difficult.

Trying to remain calm, her thumbs and fingers wriggle and fidget and tell a whole story on their own. There is no high stress in her body, which would mean panic. But rather a low, dropped devastation that puts the source of energy in those two hands, held low and together in an uncharacteristically central position on her legs.

Normally Kate has her palms flat and open and she closes her hands rhythmically. This time it is different. Here she begins immediately with her right hand clenched and the left hand gently on top. When she mentions it has been an ‘incredibly tough couple of months’ the two littlest fingers on her left hand begin wriggling wildly as a sign of distress and this happens markedly again when she mentions her ‘young family’. At times she caresses her right hand with her left hand and at one point her left hand, as well as her right, caves over and clenches in unison.

She goes on to tell us she is well right now and her leg kicks up with some energy as she tries to rally. And as she mentions William as a great source of comfort, her thumbs begin caressing each other gently. In this case, Kate Middleton’s body language is backing up her words.

Her eyes are not sparkling as usual, with the eyelids seeming to droop. And while she normally finishes sentences with a smile, her mouth could not even find the energy to turn upwards. Her body language tells us the truth. Absolutely nothing can lift her spirit.

When she mentions her focus to make a full recover, her voice breaks. But her strongest message was her close that reaches out to others and as her body straightens and her voice becomes stronger as she shares, ‘You are not alone.’

She is taking it hard and the pain is palpable. This is serious.

We are all with you, Kate. You are not alone.

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