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The fictional God of speed Savitar told us “The strongest steel is forged by the fires of hell.” Maybe this period is your fire of hell, maybe it is an inconvenience or maybe just a boredom, either way, this is a time of stress for many and during times of stress and uncertainty, the team are looking to their leader for guidance.

At any time, research shows non-verbal skills to carry over 4 times the weight of words and in emotional times it is more heavily weighted. We need only look at our leaders through bushfire and the Coronavirus to see the challenges. Now is the time for you to take this opportunity to break the habits that undermine your confidence, clarity and connection through superb body language, vocal nuance and clear frameworks of engagement.

Training features

HARD CHAT: A leaders Guide to handling difficult emotional situations in business

Handling difficult emotional conversations is an art that needs clear knowledge of analysing conversation, clear response frameworks and a complete command of your physicality and voice.

Dr Louise Mahler’s award-winning PhD has made her a thought leader in high-stake engagement under fire and in this program she will share her depth of knowledge.

You will learn:

  • How to handle non-verbal patterns by identifying the effects of stress on your body and voice.
  • Analyse your own response patterns and develop skills that remove the flame from emotionally charged interactions.

These skills are enhanced by Dr Mahler’s unique system of Hard Chat that outlines professional frameworks including, handling emotion, breaking bad news, asking

PRESENCE AND INFLUENCE: For leaders who need to inspire

The future is steaming ahead on a track of continued digital innovation, but ‘mind the gap’. Between the fast-moving juggernaut of change and the platform of skills to cope is the ever-present ever-widening chasm of interpersonal skills to inspire and engage.

Confidence and presence is something you can develop. Recognising critical habits and how to change them is the practical core of this program, so that you can actively and immediately go away and apply them to your business.

This program will address your body language and paralinguistics (voice) as well as how you handle yourself while listening, entering a room, starting a conversation or simply sitting in a meeting or on a pane.

PRESENTING: On-line, one-on-one, in the boardroom and on stage

We all present our ideas, our requests or products every day of our life, from the lift conversation to webinars and the international stage.

This is a program for industry experts and leaders who want to take presentation to the next level.

It will address:

  • Knowing your audience,
  • Framing your work in a structure,
  • Having a clear message,
  • Answering questions and
  • Enhancing the presentation with non-verbals skills of influence that will both help you communicate your ideas and also work as a memory tool to rid you of notes once and for all.

We will also address the scourge of Performance Anxiety by working with Dr Mahler’s decades of personal study and stage experience to get to the bottom of what you need to move forward.


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