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How to Build Trust

How to build trust through delivery Elevate your leadership with my upcoming Gravitas Masterclasses in Melbourne (February) and Sydney (April) 2024. Discover key frameworks to enhance your delivery, pinpoint obstacles hindering your progress and acquire skills to influence others and lead conversations. Secure your spot. As leaders, our impact hinges not just on the decisions we make but on how we deliver them. Cicero, the

Re-discovering Leadership Delivery

Why has the corporate world forgotten the power of delivery? Do your points in meetings with senior colleagues often go unnoticed? Amplify your presence in every discussion with my Gravitas Masterclass. Master influential leadership, overcome barriers, and shape conversations effectively. Find out more. In recent addresses by CEOs at leading organisations like Optus, PwC and Qantas, I’ve observed a trend: a reliance on pre-scripted messages,

Actions speak louder than Words

Actions speak louder than Words Ever felt overshadowed in senior meetings, despite having crucial points to make? Elevate your influence with my Powerful Presence online workshop. Discover leadership frameworks, pinpoint barriers, and hone the skills to steer conversations. Ready to shape perceptions? Join me and unleash the influential leader within! Unspoken Leadership: The Power of Your Silent Gestures Actions can say just as much as