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Vocal Stress: Modulate Your Voice To Change Your Life

As I write this in June 2021, I live in Melbourne (a pseudonym for ‘the lockdown capital’), so I may have a distorted perspective, but I think I am not alone in believing this Covid world, full of uncertainties, is responsible for a common thread of anxiety. Whether you have lost your job, have no customers, or are holding onto your position by a thread,

Ep-04 Andrew Gaines

Ep 04 – Andrew Gaines Could we all benefit from a community where fierce, stressful competitiveness gave way to mindful kindness and supportive interaction? . . Louise’ guest Andrew Gaines not only believes this is true, but has spearheaded a global movement to do just that – The Great Transition Initiative. . Both Louise and Andrew are exponents of Moshe Feldenkrais. The ‘Feldenkrais method’ is

Ep-03 Cassidy LaCreme

Ep 03 – Cassidy LaCreme How many separate interviewees would you need for: a world famous singer, Marilyn Munroe model, TV gangster actor, and Malaysian social media superstar? In Cassidy’s case, only one. She’s done it all, and continues to do it – with her latest post going viral to 9.5 million viewers. . . Louise and Cassidy share stories about ‘stage fright’, how to