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How to remember a presentation

How to remember a presentation Who remembers Edward de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’? I was speaking to a younger client today (OK everyone is younger) and when I mentioned to him, he interjected “Who’s he?” and I nearly fell over. (If you think that’s odd, I mentioned Gough Whitlam one day in a presentation and was greeted with blank faces. Which leads me to the

From CEO to Friend: Touch as the new tool of trust

From CEO to Friend: Touch as the new tool of trust A comment on my social media stunned me as it read: “I’m finding it hard to believe anything that comes from the Royal Family. I’m doubting anything said by any palace now”. You may not follow the royal family, but this statement is telling. You see, the rules of engagement are changing. The most

Kate Middleton Body Language: Cancer Announcement Insights

Sat 23rd March 2024 Princess Kate recently released a video telling us what we probably should have already known. At least if we were paying attention. The big giveaways were that Charles was out working, when really he should have been having a rest. And it was so out of character for Kate to be perfect for twenty years and then disappear. It had to