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Debate Analysis

Debate Analysis To the average punter, the recent USA leaders debate between Trump and Biden was boring, embarrassing and one could even posit an indication of the fall of a nation. Honestly, what a duo! It makes Sophie’s choice look like a walk in the park. To make that choice, as a communication scholar, one firstly turns to the ancient wisdom of rhetorical scholar Quintilian,

Pick up the phone

Answer the phone On any given day I pick up the phone to get back to a list of requests and . . . nothing. No one answers the phone any more, but is it good for us? What are the stats? Research reflects our lived experience of a diminishing number of calls with a recent BankMyCell survey of 1,200 millennials revealing that as many

It’s not your Accent

It’s not your Accent We all know the story about when you have a computer problem. You are sure it’s a bug and you ring the help line and they start with the question “Is your computer switched on?” Its sounds silly, but we all know that often that is the case. The cleaning person turned it off last night! Over and over I hear