Let’s get over the fear

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Tips to handle emotional situations as we approach International Women’s Day

It’s been a fascinating week. Clients with traumas, drama on the political front and TV on ‘first impressions’ that morphed into ‘dating’ and then morphed back to ‘how do you know if people like you’. . .  . . .  you know how it goes. Oh yes, and then ABC radio on Boris Johnson, which turned to Scott Morrison and all things communication (see below for links).

Let’s get over the fear

I was at the local doctor’s surgery this morning and observed a young girl there with her parents for her first Covid vaccination. She looked about 12 and after it was done her slight body limped pathetically back into the waiting room, followed closely by her parents to see out her fifteen minutes of observation. She collapsed into the chair beside me, her eyes semi-closed,

Vocal Stress: Modulate Your Voice To Change Your Life

As I write this in June 2021, I live in Melbourne (a pseudonym for ‘the lockdown capital’), so I may have a distorted perspective, but I think I am not alone in believing this Covid world, full of uncertainties, is responsible for a common thread of anxiety. Whether you have lost your job, have no customers, or are holding onto your position by a thread,