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"Thanks Louise for this and all the other brilliant insights about building #gravitas in the book."


Timeless Skills to Communicate with
Confidence and Build Trust

The latest book from bestselling author

Dr. Louise Mahler

Timeless skills to communicate with confidence and build trust

Gravitas is often considered a key factor for gaining influence and making an impact. Yet so many people struggle to communicate well, let alone with gravitas. 

The modern model has left us wanting. 75% of people have a fear of public speaking exacerbated by contemporary modes of virtual and hybrid communication. And with gaping holes in our training is it any wonder that we’ve lost the ability to communicate with excellence? That we’ve lost our gravitas?

In Gravitas, you’ll discover a new model of communication that will lead to better communication and greater gravitas. We look to the timeless wisdom from the orators of ancient Greece and Rome for whom gravitas was a learned skill powered by choice and gained through action.

Combining the wisdom of the ancients, modern leadership principles and Dr. Mahler’s unique experience on the stage, Gravitas unpacks essential speaking skills, strategies and techniques to help you communicate effectively and with confidence. 

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Draw on the wisdom and skill of the ancient Greeks and Romans to conquer doubt and uncertainty and build gravitas. By cultivating your own unique gravitas, you’ll be able to build trust effectively — and communicate any message clearly and with confidence.

Gravitas demonstrates and analyses techniques used by those
who excel at influencing others and who showcase the quality of gravitas.
Apply these techniques to …

  • Beat imposter syndrome.
  • Elevate your leadership presence.
  • Harness your posture, eyes, voice, gestures and even breathing for maximum impact.
  • Gain the trust of your team and clients.
  • Connect and engage with your audience and create confidence in your ideas. 
  • Forge powerful frameworks for mindset and embrace critical skills of delivery.
  • Deliver standout, confident presentations in any business situation – meetings, sales pitches, proposals, boardrooms, town halls, conferences, and with media.

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Rich Hirst
Abundium Co-Founder
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"Thanks Louise for this and all the other brilliant insights about building #gravitas in the book."

How to buy your copy of Gravitas

Contact me for corporate orders

What’s Gravitas about?

What does the word ‘gravitas’ mean today? In ancient Rome, it was the trust and respect cultivated by capable, strong leadership. But in today’s world we mistakenly believe it’s an innate quality owned by only a few exceptional communicators.

In Gravitas: Timeless Skills to Communicate with Confidence and Build Trust, communications expert Dr. Louise Mahler breaks the paradigm around our modern understanding of gravitas and communication. She showcases the ancient view of gravitas as an essential key to winning over an audience and communicating effectively. And she shows us how the ancient virtue of gravitas can be learned and can help you transform your presence and impact today.

It’s time that we re-learn what the ancients knew to bring back confidence, trust and authority to our delivery today – whether in a one-to-one meeting or facing a large crowd.

Gravitas unpacks the essential speaking skills, strategies and techniques that the greatest communicators use to share their message most effectively. In Gravitas, you’ll discover a new model of communication based on timeless wisdom. It’s a model that anyone can implement easily, to gain back those feelings of confidence and trust which are vital to communicating well.

This book is for you if you’re worried your voice is not being heard, that you lack confidence or that your communication is weak or ineffective. If you’re feeling this way, it’s important to know that you’re not alone.

There’s a new model you can apply to overcome this struggle and elevate your own gravitas and they’re right here in this book!

About Dr. Louise Mahler

Dr. Louise Mahler is a global expert in communication and body language and a leading international keynote speaker. Louise is a highly sought-after media commentator and is well known for analysing the communication and body language of public figures and celebrities (including Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex).

She is regularly interviewed on Sunrise, The Today Show, SBS, the ABC, and radio stations across Australia.

In addition to also being regularly quoted in print media, Louise has recorded 36 videos for the Australian Financial Review and was chosen by IBM as a key creative source worldwide. Highly qualified, Louise has a PhD in business focusing on leadership communication and in 2023 was named an Adjunct Professor of Federation University Australia.

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