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Have the presence for presentations, media, meetings and difficult situations.

Feel and be more confidence, open and authentic, knowing the hidden secrets to your body and voice.

Are you a CEO, Executive or Senior Leader and find yourself thinking:

If any of these sound like you, it’s time to elevate your Leadership Presence, Confidence and Influence.

We’re in a Crisis of Leadership

In the last 3 years, C-Suite Leaders have been under more pressure than ever. With the constant changes in how people work, including working from home, keeping people engaged at work means building trust and connection with them. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, at any one time, 70% of people are disengaged at work. 

Combined with the overwhelm of information and misinformation, business leaders have the constant challenge of redirecting the narrative. For community leaders and politicians, trust has eroded since 2020. In fact, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, in some countries, CEO credibility and trust is at an all-time low, including Japan (18 per cent) and France (22 per cent), making the challenge for CEO leaders even more acute as they try to address today’s problems.

As a result, teams, organisations and communities are looking for leaders to lead the way. With around 75% of people having “glossophobia”, a fear of public speaking, one of the biggest challenges for those leaders is to have the confidence to do this publicly and communicate with excellence.

The Confident Leader Journey

Level 1; Collapser: When a collapser speaks, they tend to allow their words to trail off and not finish sentences. Their voice loses its volume and pitch and often lose making their point. As a result, their audience loses connection and confidence in them as they often have to pick up the rest of the conversation. Most collapser’s aren’t aware that this is what is holding their communication back, and their confidence is deteriorating, so it’s about making them aware that this is happening and making a decision if they want it to change.

Level 2; Struggler: The struggler will often keep their volume and pitch low in their voice. They’re often afraid of saying the wrong thing and hoping that if they speak quietly enough, no one will notice. The irony is that it stands out more than ever for the wrong reasons. Once they have the right advice and steps in place, the next focus for them is to practice.

Level 3: Amateur: The amateur often has some variety in their ability to perform but aren’t using their body and voice intentionally or in a way that aligns with their message and audience. The next focus for them is to have pressure applied to them so they have the opportunity to use the skills in different contexts and so they can see the impact of their mind, body and voice on the audience and get their message through. The key insight for the amateur is that they don’t know what they don’t know. They think they’re good, but they still have some way to go.

Level 4: Intern: The intern often has the ability to use a broad range of skills to get their message across, but they haven’t had enough experience to use it all to improve. Their eyes are wider open; they’re like sponges and very keen to learn. At this level, it is about observing the master, operating from high to low pressure to see them in action and applying in practice themselves. Once they have achieved this level of skill, they are about 80% of the way on their journey to increasing their confidence.

Level 5: Professional:  The professional is typically well versed in the skills to grow their confidence. They’re getting away with it every time, but they actually feel not as confident as they could. The only issue for them is that some situations can cause them to lose their self-belief, but the audience won’t know. They might be listening to the wrong people or beating themselves up a little too much when they are in face really effective communicators. At this level of their journey, they are at around 90% of the level of confidence. They just need reassurance that they’re on the right track. Things like going red, legs shaking and pitch variations and other irrelevant things may be putting them off, but in fact, the audience isn’t noticing them at all.

Level 6: Master: The master is focused on being exceptional. They know that you never achieve perfection but they can keep learning to help them stay sharp and focus on continuous improvement to be the best communicator they can. They surround themselves with masters of their craft, thrive on the challenge of communicating well and will even begin teaching other leaders to be more effective in their communication. Ah, Grasshopper!

Body: While most think the voice drives what we say, it’s actually our body that has the greatest influence, first and foremost. Our body is driven by our emotions which are driven by our thinking. Once the body is clear on its job, the rest becomes easier!

Voice: Our voice’s range, tone, pitch and volume can tell an audience so many things that can either enforce or deplete a message. Identifying the right voice for your communication can completely change the audience’s perspective of you and your message.

Structure: Whilst it might look like the best speakers wing it, they actually don’t. They have a process and plan that serves them no matter whether they have seconds, minutes, hours, days or years to prepare for their presentation. The more structured they have, the more confidence they exude.

The great news is that once these three are in place, every leader has the ability to have greater presence, they are actually heard, and they garner greater attention.  The more these are in place, the more confidence a leader has.

This program is ideal for you if:

  • Motivated C-suite Executives who are prepared to invest in communication and looking for their edge
  • Have a change need, for example, you have to suddenly go overseas to present, do media interviews, handle disgruntled shareholders or being nice to staff when not accustomed to doing it
  • You are looking to show greater empathy in how you communicate and create a deeper connection with your audience

This program is not ideal for you if you:

  • Are not open to change

  • Don’t want to do the practice

  • Are not prepared for feedback

You’ll walk away from the Resonate Executive Communication Coaching Program with:

  • Skills, techniques and understanding of your body, voice and structure to create powerful influence as a leader
  • Confidence to answer questions, get your message across and think on your feet
  • Handle high-pressure media interviews, press conferences, town halls, shareholder meetings and difficult conversations
  • Crisis Management presentations where you have to deliver under difficult circumstances and relentless pressure

The Resonate Coaching Program Includes:

  • An initial communication strategy, planning session and demonstration with Louise (valued at over $10,000)
  • Monthly or on-call coaching sessions with Louise. On-call works best if you have urgent presentations to so such as media interviews, and need support ad hoc (valued at over $100,000)
  • Access to the Mahler Method vault of resources, videos, templates and tools to elevate your confidence in your executive communication (valued at over $5000)
  • A copy of Louise’s book “Resonate: For People Who Need to Be Heard” (valued at $30)


"Louise Mahler's insights are a rich synthesis of the power that comes from how we communicate, which is often more influential than what we actually say. Her observations are simple yet profound - her wisdom not only pertains to the art, but also to the science of communication and how each and every one of us can adopt practical techniques to turbo-charge our impact."
Lisa Claes
Executive Director, Customer Delivery, ING Direct
"I have implemented lessons learned in the workshop into my every day mode of operations. I can say that this has assisted me in resolving the conflict situation to the level that when I used this the client who was full of anger responded with an apologuy and decided not to pursue the negative line of communication."
Barry Carolan
Delivery Manager, Customer Delivery Unit, Telstra
"I have used several techniques since returning from the retreat. I have received feedback that I am perceived as calm and in control, along with knowing the subject matter."
Di Bodman
A/g Assistant Secretary, Finance Transformation Branch, Corporate Services Division, Department of Finance
"You were brilliant, and we all walked away with valuable skills. But even more importantly, everyone to a person remarked how good it was to have a good belly laugh."
Kate Kogh
Chief Financial Officer, RMIT
"A career defining moment for me and the feedback has been amazing. Immediately after the presentation yesterday I was asked to do a speaking gig at a management forum. You've given me skills that reach beyond public speaking into my day to day world and it has just been so much fun!"
Deanne Leaver
Director, Assett Strategy Department of Health and Human Services
"Everyone was so pleased. It absolutely topped off the day. A lot of people have been talking about it since everyone commented on the final speaker. It ended the day on a positive upbeat ending. Made a big different to the day. Everyone went away throwing their arms out with joy."
Pam Younes
"Wow - We could not have asked for a more perfect start to our conference! I've never seen an audience participate with such enthusiasm and then carry on the techniques they learnt on day one throughout the entire conference! Thank you Louise, you are a true professional and. a must-have on any conference stage!"
Megan Smaller
National Manager Events, Australian Institute of Project Management

About Dr Louise Mahler

A rare breed is one of Australia’s ‘Keynote Speakers of Excellence’, Louise is recognised as a Top 30 Global Guru in both Body Language and Communication. She has been awarded Internationally for her contribution to Women in Business. In demand for Adobe in the United States, India and the South Pacific, she has travelled with Gartner to the USA and Europe and is a repeat guest for the elite Million Dollar Round Table in Los Angeles and keynote for the Million Dollar Top Tables in Texas.

Rarely does one find academic insight, observational excellence and a dynamic delivery to shed light on a topic that is critical to us all – ourselves! A foremost expert in body language, voice and human behaviour, Louise has a PhD in Business and degrees and Masters in Organisational Psychology as well as Music that led to the University’s top award for Innovation in Research.

Her skills as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming pull together her academic study and a decade of professional performance on the European opera stage to put her in a league of her own. These blended skills bring powerful observation that elicits discernible, positive change to handle presentations, conquer media and glide through high-stake engagements with poise and ease. Her techniques will help you build confidence, instil trust and create influence by ‘being heard’ in every environment you face.

Louise is a regular contributor to print, radio and television media, appearing as a regular on Channel 7 and lauded for her expertise and humour. She is ‘on-call’ for Global CEOs coaching and keynotes, and you can find her book ‘Resonate’ published by Penguin/Random House.

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