Virtual Presence and Presenting

Your most influential communicator is still your body and voice It sure is and here’s why:Communication happens over two channels, verbal andnonverbal, resulting in two distinct conversations going on at thesame time. While verbal communication is obviously important, it’snot the only message being sent. Without the ability to read bodylanguage, we miss crucial elements to […]

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The Relevance of Introversion in Leadership

What does it take to be a good prostitute? OK, settle down, maybe I do not know (and if I did, I grew up before Facebook, so there would be no records – ha ha!). But, I am a Keynote Speaker, and presenting is all about giving to your audience, satisfying their need, pretending you […]

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To Forgive Or Not Forgive?

The shenanigans on screen between David Leyonhjelm, Sarah Hanson Young and Angela Bishop have been hideous to experience. I note that we all have freedom of speech and please be aware that my comments are not politically based (OK, rarely). My issue is with the way we, as a nation, are assaulted by appalling behavior […]

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