The Relevance of Introversion in Leadership

What does it take to be a good prostitute? OK, settle down, maybe I do not know (and if I did, I grew up before Facebook, so there would be no records – ha ha!). But, I am a Keynote Speaker, and presenting is all about giving to your audience, satisfying their need, pretending you […]

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To Forgive Or Not Forgive?

The shenanigans on screen between David Leyonhjelm, Sarah Hanson Young and Angela Bishop have been hideous to experience. I note that we all have freedom of speech and please be aware that my comments are not politically based (OK, rarely). My issue is with the way we, as a nation, are assaulted by appalling behavior […]

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Perception vs Reality

It is a question I am asked often, “Can we size someone up within seconds of meeting?” There is without doubt ‘tells’ from our body language, voice and breathing that will help us to instantly create a perception within our mind about whom we are dealing with. It is why you instantly feel comfortable with […]

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