From CEO to Friend: Touch as the new tool of trust

From CEO to Friend: Touch as the new tool of trust

A comment on my social media stunned me as it read:

“I’m finding it hard to believe anything that comes from the Royal Family. I’m doubting anything said by any palace now”.

You may not follow the royal family, but this statement is telling. You see, the rules of engagement are changing.

From CEO to Friend: Touch as the new tool of trust

The most recent report from the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer,

‘reveals a new paradox at the heart of society. Rapid innovation offers the promise of a new era of prosperity, but instead risks exacerbating trust issues, leading to further societal instability and political polarization’.

You see, all Kate did was ask for a few months off. Kate has been perfection in the public eye for twenty years, surely she deserved that. And a little tweak with a photo is not illegal!

You may not follow the royal family, but this statement is telling. You see, the rules of engagement are changing.

Here’s a thought. It is about our relationship with trust. Herodotus knew you can trust your eyes far better than your ears and we all know seeing is believing. But is that the truth any more with the evolution of editing tools and AI?

What we know as true is no longer true and Kate and the Royal family, as a bastion on stability in the world today, shattered the trust of a nation by doctoring our reality.

Personally, I don’t care, but people seem very thrown by it all.

Next thing you know, Kate and William were conveniently seen walking from a farm shop – and if you think that wasn’t set up you need electric shock treatment. Even then, it was said that this was not Kate but a body double. You seem trust, once shattered, is hard to rebuild. And then the shock video arrived.

So what now?

If seeing is no longer believing, what we have left is touch, smell and taste – all the realms of the oft-ignored kinaesthetic world. And if that’s true, what does this mean for you?

It means you need to balance your virtual world with events where we can quite literally touch and feel the comfort of reality. As the Journal of Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews told us (volume 34, issue 2),

‘Interpersonal tactile stimulation provides an effective means of
influencing people’s social behaviours’.

Within the conference industry we hear that Live conferences are back. On the ground, dinners, retreats, events and cocktail-get- togethers are the go.

People still ask me whether the handshake is back. Let me assure you the answer is ‘yes’. The handshake has been around for 3000 years and has survived plagues for millennia. And it fulfills the etiquette of being exactly the place where we can touch strangers. In fact if you are wondering where you can touch, have a look at this great diagram from research on the suitability of trust from partner to stranger (above).

It’s time for you to get out again, connect with others and touch. We need touch to trust.

Love to hear your thoughts.

Love Dr Louise Mahler

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