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Let it go (and other year-end tips)

As the year comes to a close, it’s essential to take moments for self-care and reflect on personal growth. Here are ten tips to keep in mind as you prepare for the holidays:

Let it go: In singing we learnt it takes 7 seconds to get over singing a dud note. You don’t have 7 seconds. The song goes on. And, so it does for all of us. Let it go.

Let it go (and other year-end tips)

Tell the voice on the shoulder to take a break: The feedback you give yourself is only a small part of the whole and it is usually negative, so turn it down.

Ask for help: If you feel like you are struggling, and have been for a while, you probably are not the best person to help yourself get out of it. Ask an expert to intervene.

Stand up: Sitting all day at your screen is killing you. Get out and move. ’Stand’ at your desktop and screen when working. Try a chiropractor!

Breathe: Since Covid our diaphragms have locked tight. Do something to release yours. Laugh!

Laugh! Before Covid there were many laughter clubs in Australia. They’ve largely disappeared. Research shows our ability to laugh has diminished. You are going to have to fake it to make it. The brain can’t tell the difference. Just laugh for no reason … right now!!!

Hum: If you don’t want to sing, it is good to hum. Bring out your inner musician by humming to your favourite song. John Farnham numbers are always a good start. ‘Burn for you’ is a beauty!

Wave: Using your arms releases the stress response. Instead of sticking your elbows to your side, find people to wave to with gusto!

Get up and do: Action is an antidote to lack of confidence.

‘Nod, blink and smile like an idiot’: It won’t kill you and, over Christmas, it might just help.

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Let’s end the year by celebrating our successes, balancing self-reflection with kindness and looking beyond our doubts.

Wishing you a joyful and productive year-end!

Love Louise x

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