Presenters Are Winners

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It is not just what you know, but who you know – that much is obvious. But perhaps what is even more powerful is who knows you. And what better way to be known in the brightest light than by presenting and elevating your status of expertise and authority in the eyes of others? In this blog I will break down why you should not shy away from presenting in your career, but rather run towards those opportunities and cultivate the equivalent skillset!

When you communicate with anyone, what sticks in your mind the most? In fact, much of what is remembers has nothing to do with the content of the conversation at all. Rather, it is who was there and how you felt. While rooted in biology and seemingly unrelated to business and the corporate world, understanding that we are wired to recall faces and how others made us feel is key to seeing the enormous value in giving presentations. If you do a good job, when others need something you can provide, then much like the local blacksmith or butcher of a medieval village, you will be their go-to for a solution.

Successful business is about making memorable impressions and standing out. What better way to do so than by presenting to a group or crowd?! This way you have their undivided attention and can powerfully bring to the fore your best traits and expertise. When they ponder those qualities or the topics you cover, they will mentally associate that with you, and that’s excellent networking.

Helping high achieving individuals into partnership is one task I love and sometimes it is hard to convince those in their final interviews that they have achieved all the required criteria already. It has been proven in the first three interviews. What they want now is ‘you’, but it hard to make that change and flip style depending on the situation. It all takes help and practice.

Luck plays an ever-present role in our careers and our lives. While it is always illusive, that is not to say it cannot be nurtured. Because every time you present, you imprint yourself in the minds of each audience member; what you can do, what you stand for and what you are like to work with. It is easy to forget that each of these people has their own lives, goals and agendas. Granted, not all their trajectories will line up with yours, but for that 1% who see you and subsequently reach out to you to offer another opportunity, presenting is worth its every effort and arguably the best way to put yourself out there.

Presenting is powerful, and hopefully I have provided you with some insights to the value of it in your career. Do not shy away from those opportunities, chase them! If you are looking to improve your leadership and presentation skills and in doing so accelerate your career growth, then book in for your free 15-minute discovery call!

Dr. Louise Mahler

Dr. Louise Mahler

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Dr Louise Mahler is a body language expert. With a focus on study of the mind-body relationship and business applications; providing practical inspiring improvement to global leaders.

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