Pulling out the Trump Card

To speak up or listen? That is the question.

Pulling out the Trump card

Speaking with a group last week we explored the idea of behaviour in a new leadership role in a new organisation. How should you approach the communication? Do you sit back and listen or do you somehow let your voice be heard?

Several were adamant that the first action is to sit back and listen, but I beg to differ.

Let me bring up the controversial topic of Donald Trump. You see, it doesn’t matter if you like him or loathe him, the fascination is that he influences tens of thousands of people and there are techniques.

You see Trump will never let others create his brand for him. He creates it himself.

He tells us he is ‘successful, confident and a straight talker’. He is a ‘big thinker and brave’ and he will tell you what he thinks of the opposition, Biden, who he calls ‘incompetent’ and ‘a threat to democracy’. He tells his followers what is happening and what will happen next, even though it is total pre-supposition. “We won today and we will win next week and the week after”, he proclaims.

It works and it’s not just in politics. In a practical sense one of my clients entered her new and very acrimonious workplace with a message of ‘together we will move forward’. You can weave it into conversations with individuals or an introduction to the Board.

Remember, your new team don’t know you or what you are about. No, they don’t want to hear your CV or past. They want to hear your values, your ideas, your strategies, your dreams, all expressed in a concise and positive manner.

The question you may be asking is how does one dissociate from Trump. The Ancient Greeks and Romans made it clear. To use these techniques you must be a ‘good’ person, a person of high moral standing.

‘I hold that no one can be a true orator unless he is also a good

man and even if he could be, I would not have it so.’

– Quintilian

So, if you are a good person, we are set.

Here are 5 practical tips.

  1. Listen, but also, yes, be ready to express who you are and what you hope to achieve

  2. Be able to express it concisely. Break down messages to three-word statements, eg I want to “bring everyone together” 

  3. Speak in a strong voice with a downward inflection for statements

  4. Stand up straight

  5. Smile

Let me know your thoughts.

Love Dr Louise Mahler

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