What you can learn about high profile people by their body language?


What you can learn about high profile people by their body language? –  I find it absolutely fascinating to watch leaders and those who are high profile and, in the media, often.  We can learn so much from analysing their voice and body language, including what examples we would like to emulate and what should be avoided at all costs. We can begin to build awareness so we can change our own skills. 


Jennifer Keyte is a fabulous example of someone who presents incredibly well. She has a low pitch and has continued airflow at all times.  She comes across as commanding and her musical flow is excellent. She is doing fantastic things.


Julie Bishop is another one that we have watched grow and develop her skills over the years in parliament. She used to have eyes that didn’t blink, an unnerving stare, however over time she developed a considered style, including blinking, which stood out from the overly aggressive styles of others in parliament.


One of the aggressive styles we see often is by Bill Shorten when he’s really wound up.  He clenches his jaw, his upper lip goes up and he turns side on, and his arm goes back like he’s going to give you a punch! 


And lastly Kevin Rudd. While he does constantly assert his authority and voice, this is not necessarily a good thing, as he doesn’t ever break from it and there’s an academic superiority that’s thrown in. He often sits bolt upright, breathes through his nose and licks his lips like the cat that’s got the cream. He often throws in some Chinese words and sentences, and to me, that feels like academic arrogance.

As part of my Stepping Up program, to be launched on the 11th January 2021, I will be offering weekly insights and analysis into the body language of various public figures. To get yourself on the wait list go HERE.




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