Why you should warm up before using your voice?


Why you should warm up before using your voice? Voice is a choice! So many people think they are stuck with the voice they have; they hate their sound, or they haven’t even considered the impact of their current vocal strategies. 


How we present ourselves is intrinsically wrapped up in our voice.  Much of what we say is unconscious, things like your gestures, eye contact and vocal tone. All of these are messages. All of them are read.  Successful leaders communicate messages of authority.


Your voice is one factor, along with body language and mindset, that creates the unconscious messages that undermine your presence.  


We can develop, adjust, expand and improve the way we use our voice as an expression of self, and this can be done through warmup techniques and exercises for your body. We don’t need to warm up our voice, rather you warm up your body and look at the way in which you use your body.


Working on your voice through things like breath, laryngeal and physical postures can then impact your ability to influence, relate, communicate and lead. 


Not only do we increase our influence and effectiveness, but we become more authentic in who we are and how we relate to others. Confidence rises. Relationships improve. People listen. We feel better.


The truth is, voice is a much richer and more powerful indicator and tool of influence and leadership than it’s given credit for.


If you feel you could benefit from vocal work, I encourage you to join my online program, Vocal Intelligence. You can find out more HERE.


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