Actions speak louder than Words

Actions speak louder than Words

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Unspoken Leadership: The Power of Your Silent Gestures

Actions can say just as much as words. The subtlest of actions – our silent gestures – can be the most telling. How we stand, how we listen, how we make eye contact—these all send messages about what kind of leaders we are.

Actions speak louder than Words

A simple shift in posture can project confidence, a thoughtful nod can express understanding and maintaining eye contact can build trust without a single word being spoken. These are the unspoken elements of our leadership language.

Similarly, when we speak, it’s crucial that our actions match our words. When they do, we’re not just talking; we’re connecting. It makes our message powerful. It amplifies our gravitas. When you last faced a tough situation, did you stay composed? Do your gestures show your team the confidence and commitment you’re feeling? If there’s a gap, it’s time for change.

This week, take some time to reflect. Observe your own leadership style, identify the nonverbal cues that need realignment and adjust until your presence reflects your true intent.

Lead with purpose, lead by example, lead with clarity. How will you elevate your gravitas this week?

Assess your Gravitas

Ever poured hours into a plan or proposal only to feel it’s gone unnoticed when presented?

You’re not alone.

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Awareness is the first step for enhancing your leadership influence.

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Did you know…?

Re-enactments show that ancient Roman orators could reach audiences of over 6,000 without a microphone or today’s technology. Their secret? Orators used gestures, their physical presence and practised vocal modulation to command attention, manage the crowds and get their message heard.

Imagine having that kind of presence in today’s townhalls! Read my guide – The Three Forgotten Skills of Gravitas.

Until next week – happy practising!

Louise Mahler

p.s. Considering attending my Gravitas Masterclass? Find out more. Or if you’d like to discuss an in-house leadership program, drop me a line.

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