How the Magic Mirror can help CEOs to connect

Romper Bomper Stomper boo

Tell me, tell me, tell me do

How the Magic Mirror can help CEOs to connect

Who remembers Romper Room? OK, I’m showing my age, but the Magic Mirror has left an indelible print on my mind.

For the uninitiated, this was a daily children’s program on TV (at the birth of colour TV I might add) and the teacher would hold up a mirror with no glass and pretend she could see you on the other side of the screen. She’s day “I can see you Joan and David and Bob” and list as many different names each week as possible. As a child, you would sit there transfixed waiting to hear your name and then die of excitement if she said “Louise”. Too bad if you were called Brindaban, but things were simpler then.

1984 Romper Room Magic Mirror Clip

Well, here’s the trick, as audiences, we are all children waiting to be recognised and there is no better technique than the Magic Mirror.

Let’s paint the scenario. I was coaching a leader who is accustomed to speaking in the boardroom. Now, as a leader, he is asked to go out and address the wider audience, many of whom are hands on workers, standing packed in a large space, having parked their semi-trailers outside.

To build rapport, I would suggest you flatter your audience (no one wants to hear how excited you are) and then pull out the magic mirror.

Here’s how it works:

Flatter your audience:

How fantastic to see such a great turn out for our event today.

Magic Mirror technique:

John, its great to see you here, because I know you have driven all the way from Ballarat and Bob, I think you have here for the first time after your big trip. Welcome back.

Introduce yourself recognising some know you and some don’t: Now, there are some faces here I know (point to a few), but for those who don’t know me, my name is X and my role is as xyz.

If you are a practicing lawyer, it’s a hard habit to adopt, but it’s worth it.

Give it a go.

If you were Arnold Schwarzenegger you would say “You can do it” (With thick Austrian accent”

And if you were Romper Room indoctrinated, then:

“Do be a good Bee. Don’t be a bad Bee” and ask yourself

“Have all our friends had fun at play?”

Let me know hear your thoughts.

Love Dr Louise Mahler

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