Why CEOs and Leaders need a Renaissance

Why CEOs and Leaders need a Renaissance

Speaking at a conference recently, Dr Susan Carland shared fabulous information on our mindset and our thoughts about conflict. Later, another speaker spoke (it wasn’t me!!) in ways that upset the audience and several people stormed out and slammed the door, one by one. It made me think “Is anyone spotting the obvious mistake here?”

How do we need to behave?

Listening to a Youtube documentary on the Renaissance it struck me that this ‘rebirth and revival of Classical learning’ in art and architecture experienced in the 14th-17th century is exactly what we need today in our interpersonal communication (and isn’t that what my new book ‘Gravitas’ is about) and never more so than in the area of conflict.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Now, correct me if I’m wrong (but I’m not), we are in a dark age of handling conflict. I’m not talking about the global conflict, but rather the everyday conflict between humans in organisations, at home and amongst colleagues/friends. In the end, it is all one and the same.

It seems the mindset work goes so far. As Dr Carland shared, we need to bring our thinking under control and, following the Renaissance theme, the work on Stoicism is hugely popular. I posit now that we need to look further and not just ‘think; about it but train like warriors to be in control and manage situations, every type of situation, as they arrive.

Here are some tips:

Our Language

This week, we saw Mr Albanese at the Domestic Violence Rally, where it was called out he was a ‘liar’ and he was not meeting ‘demands’. I get the emotion. I also wonder if the language like ‘liar’ and ‘demands’ distracted away from the message. No right or wrong. You tell me?

Our Posture

So often under conflict, the body curves over, we stand on one leg and cross the arms over the body. This actually looks (and is) weak and stops the body performing. Undo it and have an alternative open position you are familiar with and have practised under stress.

Our Voice

The voice tightens under anxiety. In fact, the word ‘anxiety’ derives from the verb ‘to strangle’. That’s natural. Here’s the trick, you can undo it! Most people believe they are stuck with their tone. Not true. A tight throat will send the voice into a harsh and airless tone. Work on it. Ask me how.

Our Frameworks

Rather than just blurt out responses all the times, there are frameworks / structures / arrangements for different situations that will serve you far better. These are the things we learn in our workshops.

Join me for the Renaissance

Louise Da Vinci

Love to hear your thoughts.

Love Dr Louise Mahler

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