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I am very honoured to receive an award for the Global Gurus Top 30 in the Communication category. The letter I received below. Thank you!

Dear Dr Louise


You have been included in the “Top 30” ranking of Global Gurus and attained the rank #28 in the Communication category. We are all delighted to recognize your achievement and encourage you to share this esteemed award with your colleagues, friends, and followers around the world. 

 You can find the page listing your achievement at

 Also visit our main site at:

 I have attached the logo which you are welcome to include in your blog or website along with your ranking. 

 Keep making a difference!

 Best regards,
 Taha Farhan
 Managing Partner, Global Gurus   

Dr. Louise Mahler

Dr. Louise Mahler

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Dr Louise Mahler is a body language expert. With a focus on study of the mind-body relationship and business applications; providing practical inspiring improvement to global leaders.

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